Domen Nahtigal

Dr. Domen Nahtigal

PhD, Head of Real Estate Portfolio, DUTB d.d.

Domen Nahtigal holds a PhD in Law and Real Estate Management, is a licensed real estate appraiser at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors, and a licensed real estate agent.


He has both theoretical and practical expertise in real estate, particularly in real estate appraisal, drawing up investment papers and management & development of real estate assets. He is currently employed as the head of the residential real estate portfolio at DUTB, d.d., after having spent 2 successful years on increasing the property value of the real estate assets portfolio in the city of Ljubljana.


Prior to his arrival to BAMC, he was employed as project lead at the real estate investment and consultancy company N-invest d.o.o., and served as an external expert associate at the Entrepreneurship-business division of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Economics.


He has authored a number of scientific papers, among which the paper titled “Segmentation and the Value Frame of Residential Apartments” was the most widely-recognized and of practical use to real estate professionals.