Anjo Žigon

Anjo Žigon

General Director of Elea iC d.o.o., Ljubljana

Angelo Žigon finished his studies of civil engineering in 1989 at the University of Ljubljana. He started his career with the static calculation and structural design of buildings, specialising in the reconstruction of buildings of cultural heritage such as castles, churches and other old structures.


In 1991 he co-founded the company Elea, offering the design of all structures and other civil engineering services. Mr. Žigon is the general manager of Elea iC d.o.o. He predominantly honed his skills as Structural engineer and Responsible project manager and coordinator. In the following years Mr. Žigon has repeatedly represented his company in the function of Construction engineer, Designer of infrastructure and Supervisor. He is an experienced engineer in the field of buildings and tunnelling.


During his 28 years long career as a structural engineer Mr. Zigon won several design awards in various categories. The prize for the “Best steel structure in Slovenia” he received twice. In 2009 Mr. Žigon received the “Slovenian Chamber of Engineers Award for outstanding engineering achievements”.


In 2001 he became partner in the Vienna-based international consultancy iC group of companies.


He is also the president of Slovenian Society for underground structures and SiBIM board member.